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Know your child's inherent personality, health secrets and most suited career path as per the science of Vedic Astrology.

Astrology for Kids? Seriously?

Your Child's First Astro Report is based on time tested principles of Vedic Astrology.For the first time, as a parent, you will have access to this life-transforming knowledge. Here's what the 40+ pages report reveals:

Kundli & Divisional Birth Charts

Based on mathematical calculations using Vedic jyotish principles.

Personality Insights

Artistic or logical? Extrovert or introvert? Uncover your child's true inherent nature.

Inner Orientation & Values

Uncover what drives your child: Dharma, Artha, Kama or Moksha?

Lucky Name

Find the best syllable for the luckiest and most fortunate name for your baby.

Health & Wellness

Secrets from Ayurveda to understand your child's unique dosha combination and body type.

Best-suited Profession

Know which line of profession will make your child shine and excel in life.

Lucky colours & Gemstones

Align your child's destiny with cosmic power with lucky colours and gemstones.

Famous Personalities

Find out which celebrities share your child's birthstar!

and so much more! Check out what you get here!

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First ever all-inclusive Astro Report to get a head start in connecting with your child like never before.
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Here's Why AstroJudge is Different:

Our reports are unlike anything you would have read online or offline!

Years of Experience

No Hidden Cost

First ever All-Inclusive Astro Report

Customised Report Made by Our Expert Astrologers

Baby Naamkaran

No Jargon

We know you want the very best for your child! Here's what parents say:

What's Included & What's not Included

What's Included

All Inclusive Report

Actionable Insights about your Child

Positive Parenting

Accurate predictions about your child’s emotional self

What makes your child unique

As per their birth-chart

Your child's inherent talents
and abilities
Best suited career paths for success

& What's not Included

Personal consultation is not included

We will be launching year specific reports soon.

Future forecasts are not included

Vedic astrology advises against this for children.

We won't negatively label your child

We focus more on their strengths.

Not a medical astrology report

Hence any special needs will not come to focus.

No dosha, dasha analysis

or costly remedies

Unlock Bonuses worth $468.00 🔥

  • Kundli and Divisional Birth Charts

    • Lagna Chart
    • Moon Chart
    • Navamsha Chart
    • Chalit Chart
    • Planetary Positions
  • Horoscope Analysis

    • Zodiac Range & Significance
    • Ruling Planet- reveals child's inherent characteristics
    • Deity-Know which deity has blessed your child
    • Sacred symbols
    • Shakti or Cosmic Power
    • Gana or core temperament
    • Guna or inherent mental attributes
    • Inner Motivation and driving force
  • Sacred auspicious sounds for Naamkaran

  • Personality and Unique Qualities

    • Personality and Inherent nature
    • Physical Attributes
    • Friends and family life
    • Professional life
    • Hobbies
  • Health and Wellness

    • Your child's Ayurvedic Dosha
    • Body strengths and problem areas
  • Professional Interests

  • Lucky Colours and Gemstones

  • Famous Personalities who share your child's birth star!


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This Report is for your child if...

You want a head start in connecting with your child like never before.

You want to have the advantage of knowing incredible secrets to your child's personality as per Vedic astrology.

You know that each child is different and must be nurtured as a unique, holistic person.

You know that knowledge is power.

You want a customized astrology report for your child that can never be found anywhere else but on this site.

You want to unleash your child's talents and abilities but don't know what they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is astrology for real?

    YES IT IS! When it comes to family, love, business, career or health- there are some things that are simply too important to leave up to chance. And while you may not believe in fortune cookies, your mom's gut feeling, or just plain luck, astrology, however, is extremely real. Jyotisha, the Sanskrit word for astrology, contains the prefix Jyoti which means light. We, therefore, believe that the real meaning of astrology is found in its profound purpose - to throw light on our paths in life so that we are able to navigate through it with wisdom, knowledge and ease.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential?

    Yes, your information will be kept absolutely confidential.

  • How does this Report help in preparing my child for success?

    Your Child's First Astro Report is based on time tested principles of Vedic Astrology. For the first time, as a parent, you will have access to this life-transforming knowledge. Our report gives you a new dimension in conscious parenting and nurturing your child's God given talents, unique personality traits and best career choices, inner motivations and much more. This is a great tool to get a head start in connecting deeper with your child.

  • Is the Report suitable for children of all ages?

    We are honestly overwhelmed by the amazing positive response from parents of children of all ages who have benefited from the report. However, specifically speaking, the report has been designed keeping in mind children of upto 10 years of age.

  • How many pages is the report?

    Over 40+ pages of Detailed life transforming astrological guidance based on the unique birth chart of your child. Our report is jam-packed with everything you need to know about your child's unique personality, innate talents and abilities, their aptitude and behavior, their strengths and challenge areas, and much, much more. All of this for just

  • Why does it take 24-48 hours to receive my Report?

    We understand you are eager to get Your Child's First Astro Report right away, but like all good things-it takes time, dedication and effort. Our team of experienced astrologers will study your child's birth details, prepare the birth chart or kundli and give you over 50 pages of personalized astrological insights and guidance. Settle and stretch, while we ensure your report reaches your inbox within 48 hours of your purchase. :)

  • Can I get a refund?

    Afraid not! Since we are providing you an informational product after our astrologers have already spent their time and efforts on- we would be unable to refund your purchase. But we would love to hear why you wouldn't want the most comprehensive birth chart reading of your child..ever! Tell us here



  • Why should I trust AstroJudge reports?

    There is no report like ours available anywhere else. AstroJudge's first ever all-inclusive astro report will give you all the answers you need about your child's personality, behaviour, strengths, challenges, and much more, helping you understand what they need to succeed in life. These are customised reports made by our expert astrologers using time-tested principles of Vedic astrology. Our astrologers use easy-to-understand language instead of giving you endless pages of confusing charts and calculations you have no use for! We will never push you for astrological remedies. Our report provides important astrological guidance for you as a parent to make the best choices for your child.

  • Are there time-line based future predictions in Your Child's First Astro Report?

    When you order Your Child's First Astro Report, you will get a janma-kundli vishleshan (astrological analysis) of your child's kundli or birth-chart that will be as per the birth details provided by you and these predictions will be based on the time-tested principles of Parashari jyotish to understand your child's inherent personality and basic nature. However, Your Child's First Astro Report will not contain any timeline based future predictions because in our experience, under Vedic astrology it is generally considered premature to make timeline based future predictions for a child who has not yet attained the age of 12 (unless there is a very serious reason for doing so, like an imminent danger to the child or some other grave medical issue). In every child's janma-kundli there are 12 houses or bhavas and each bhava takes roughly a year to manifest its natural karma. Therefore, the first 12 years are required for a child's horoscope to fully unfold its various karmic manifestations in accord with the child's karma and the parent's karma (since they are intertwined). This is why we have consciously refrained from making any timeline based future predictions in Your Child's First Astro Report. The goal of Your Child's First Astro Report is to help you understand your child's inherent strengths and talents and to assist you in nurturing their uniqueness right from Day 1.

  • I have twins. Will both their astro reports have exactly the same predictions? If yes, why?

    In the case of children born as twins, both the astro reports will be based on the birth-chart prepared on the basis of birth-details of the children. Usually, twins are born only minutes apart from each other. That's why the planetary positions in such children's birth-charts are exactly the same. Therefore, the predictions in both astro reports of twins will be exactly the same. That's why, at AstroJudge we advise that you purchase only one (1) astro report instead of two, when it comes to twins.


    Also, till the child attains the age of 12 and beyond, astrologers who follow Vedic astrology must not give timeline based future predictions like dasha-analysis. All the 12 bhavas in a child's kundli need to be allowed to manifest their natural karma and destiny which takes roughly 12 years. Till that time, we don't critically analyse a child's kundli for negative traits, differences in personality, etc. That's why with twins, the scope of our astro report allows only highlighting the strong karmic connection between the twin siblings. Having said that, many parents still insist on ordering two separate reports for their twins because it's like purchasing two dresses of the same color and design and you don't want one child to miss having an astro report despite the same predictions! In case you want to purchase two separate reports, please write to us on support@astrojudge.com to avail of any special discount offers for two reports.


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