Since AstroJudge are providing the User with an astrology report which is an informational product for which our astrologers have already spent considerable time and effort – we would be unable to process any refunds on your purchase.

While AstroJudge will always try to ensure that each report is prepared carefully, however, because astrology is not an exact science and is based on interpretation of birth chart and astrological data and scientific calculations made thereon: (a) AstroJudge reports should be considered solely as an opinion based on the principles of astrology; (b) AstroJudge will not entertain any disputes related to User's comparison of AstroJudge reports with any other astrologer or astrology website's interpretation or similar reports whatsoever.

Because AstroJudge reports are based on the predictive science of Vedic astrology and not based on any specific published almanac, AstroJudge does not rule out the possibility of unexpected technical or human errors in its reports. In the event of any such error being notified by the User, AstroJudge's liability will, at all times, be limited to the extent of making reasonable efforts in rectifying such error and providing the User with a corrected report.